Landlords- We can help
Mitigate revenue losses from COVID-19

Landlords- We can help
Mitigate revenue losses from COVID-19

SperryCGA-Perry Commercial provides services to assist landlords on programs to help you retain tenants and mitigate rental income losses. Let us show you how we can help you to develop “rent relief-deferment” programs that strengthen the “Landlord–Tenant relationship”.

Property owners are aware of the tremendous stress that COVID-19 is having on our communities and small business owners.
The impact of the virus is being felt throughout commercial real-estate markets. Because the magnitude of the impact on our economy cannot yet be fully understood, many businesses have been forced to close their doors and businesses forced to lay off many of their employees. The effect of loss of income flows both downstream a upstream and landlords, tenants, business owners and their employees are suffering and at risk for their future well being.

Building owners and tenants must work together to seek solutions that mitigate the risk and losses for all stakeholders.
Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates-Perry Commercial- provides programs that help our clients navigate through this crisis by establishing Win-Win solutions through deferred base rent payment approaches. We have formal programs to help you evaluate tenant leases and tenant performance to mitigate risk and income losses. We identify the best opportunities within the lease documents to help you to develop tailored solutions matched to each individual tenant situation. We provide all the necessary documents and correspondence including; NDAs, document requests, forms and letters to establish a confidential dialogue between the landlord and the tenant. We conduct all the lease and financial analysis to help our clients develop a fair and reasonable program for negotiating a base rent deferment and repayment program. We handle all the analysis and make recommendations to enable landlords to retain valued tenants while protecting future income streams.
Most property owners want to help, but many are small business owners just like their tenants are facing financial challenges
They may not be able to grant rent forgiveness to every tenant impacted by this crisis. Deferred base rent payment plans allow them to develop a balanced approach to assist their tenants. Call Peter Perry today and allow us to introduce you to a workable program that enable success for both property owners and their tenants.

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Each Sperry Associate knows the buyers, the buildings and property owners, building characteristics, market rent, vacancy factors, employment drivers, business growth, recent sales, market trends, and current demographics in their market area.
Peter Perry may be reached at (772) 708-9239 or email
Perry Commercial is licensed in South Carolina (111406) and Florida (BK3118744) and is an affiliate of Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates headquartered in Irvine California.

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We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice and cannot modify or amend lease documents. We can however help you negotiate the terms which are included in the lease documents. We recommend that our clients conduct their own independent due diligence and consult with their financial and legal advisers when entering into formal lease arrangements.

If you feel that rental deferral is not enough, one resource that may be available to you is an SBA Economic Injury Loan. While borrowing money is never an easy proposition, it may well be the best avenue to keep your business afloat during this crisis. The link to website is Also, we just received an email which refers businesses to this website
We also suggest that you refer to our REPORT section of our web-site and to the COVID-19 $2Trillion Dollar Relief summary. This may be helpful for businesses to identify how government programs may provide direct relief to specific situations.