A story of union corruption and how those who control the unions betray the trust of their members. Uncovers the secret relationships and the criminal enterprise that exists between organized labor, politicians, and the Mafia. An authoritative look inside the unions’ computer systems revealing how they syphon millions. Exposes the secret conspiracies and unsavory methods used by the FBI and the Department of Labor to snare their prey into their trap. Who is the real criminal and where is the real crime? A look back at several historical events that are creatively woven into the fabric of the main story line. Lots of colorful lunches and dinners at famous restaurants that you will want to visit. Chris the computer expert who is installing the software and Marco the expert FBI computer analyst are on a collision course, yet both must choose between who they really are or what they may become. Do they live be their own personal honor code or do they betray the trust of those around them. A story of loyalty, betrayal and personal discovery.

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